9th Annual 805 Writers Conference

November 13 & 14, 2021



Full schedule and speakers available in June

The 805 Writers Conference


Delivering the information you need to succeed in publishing

Want to learn how to write a winning query letter? Why not ask literary agent Michelle Zeitlin from More Zap Management. Here is part of her session at the 2019 conference.

2019 Speakers included literary agents, film and television producers, bestselling authors, professional editors, book marketers, book publicists, and more.

Pictured above from left to right:

Top row: Carolyn McDonald, award-winning executive producer for many cable outlets; Michelle Zeitlin, literary agent who takes books to the screen; and, Jill Marr, literary agent.

Second row: Toni Lopopolo, former NY executive editor, literary agent and writing instructor; Sherry Robb, literary agent and producer; Ilene Kahn Power, former VP HBO films, Emmy and Golden Globe winner; Howard Rosenman, producer of Academy Awards and Emmy Award-winning films; and, Dana Newman, literary attorney and agent.

Third row: Carolyn Howard-Johnson, bestselling author on book marketing; Naomi Kim Eaglson, editor; Shelly Lowenkopft, editor extraordinaire and author of over 40 books; Zhena Muzyka, author and publisher; and, Patricia Fry, bestselling author of over 70 books.

Bottom row: Ivor Davis, bestselling author; Mandy Jackson-Beverly, bestselling author and social media guru; Emily Heckman, former NY executive editor and now freelance editor; Kimberly Davis Basso, author; Adanna Moriarty, web designer; and, Penny Sansevieri, bestselling author and book marketer.

These talented people have proven track records for success as bestselling authors, editors, marketers, agents, producers—all with up-to-date information to help you gain an upper hand in the world of publishing.

“I went home after my workshop and rewrote, reduced, and revised several sections of my novel. Its all the better for it – more streamlined with better momentum. I received many practical tips to carry forward in my career as a writer and editor.”

“The 805 Writers’ Conference was an incredible value and I would definitely recommend it to new or established authors. Unfortunately, the day went by too quickly!  I had an amazing experience and accomplished everything I wanted to, and then some.”


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