The 805 Writers Conference


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Who Should Attend

  • Are you a first-time novelist or nonfiction writer?
  • Have you finished your draft and are working on rewrites?
  • Are you about to publish and need to know where to go from here?
  • Trying to understand how Amazon works for indie authors?
  • Is your book out but needs a boost in sales?
  • Are you looking for a literary agent?
  • Does your book have movie or series potential?

Focus on the Craft of Writing

  • How to determine your story arch
  • How to craft dynamic fiction
  • What makes characters come alive
  • The wisdom of working with a developmental editor
  • The tools to writing publishable short stories

Focus on the Business of Writing

  • Learn how to pitch your story to an agent
  • Why you need a social media network prior to publishing
  • Stories of self-publishing from authors who have been there
  • How to generate more sales
  • PLUS, two agent and producer panels.
  • Books to Screen panel with agents and producers looking for new material
  • Literary Agent Panel with agents looking for new clients


Speakers this year include literary agents, film and television producers, bestselling authors, professional editors, book marketers, book publicists, and more.

Pictured above from left to right:

Top row: Carolyn Howard-Johnson, bestselling author on book marketing; Michelle Zeitlin, literary agent who takes books to the screen; and, Naomi Kim Eaglson, editor.

Second row: Kimberly Davis Basson, author; Patricia Fry, bestselling author of over 80 books; Shelly Lowenkopft, editor extraordinaire and author of over 40 books; and, Penny Sansevieri, bestselling author and book marketer.

Third row: Zhena Muzyka, author and publisher; Howard Rosenmann, producer of Academy Awards and Emmy Award-winning films; Ilene Kahn Power, former VP HBO films, Emmy and Golden Globe winner, and mini-series producer; Jill Marr, literary agent, and, Dana Newman, literary attorney and agent.

Bottom row: Carolyn McDonald, award-winning executive producer for many cable outlets; Sherry Robb, literary agent and producer; Mandy Jackson-Beverly, bestselling author and social media guru; Emily Heckman, former NY executive editor and now freelance editor; Ivor Davis, bestselling author; and, Toni Lopopolo, former NY executive editor, literary agent and writing instructor.

These talented people have proven track records for success as bestselling authors, editors, marketers, agents, producers—all with up-to-date information to help you gain an upper hand in the world of publishing.

Attend The 805 Writers Conference

Listen to top professionals and experienced authors who can help you through the next phase of writing.

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If you want a more personalized experience these workshops are limited to 20 people each:


The Art of the Short Storywith renown short story author Shelly Lowenkopf

Social Media: Using Facebook and Instagram to Drive Salesbring your laptop and learn how Mandy Jackson Beverly uses social media to widen her audience

Your Book’s Future: Great Starts and Great Reboots —  with bestselling author Carolyn Howard-Johnson

The Essentials of CharacterWith literary agent, editor and writing instructor Toni Lopopolo. A full-day workshop limited to 20 people.

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Agent 1  on 1Ten minutes with the agent of your choice to pitch your book


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